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  • About the National Ecosystem Data Bank
National ecosystem data bank (EcoDB) is a public professional scientific data repository supported by the National Ecosystem Science Data Center (NESDC) for researchers in ecology and related fields, which provides long-term preservation, publication, sharing and access services of scientific data. It makes EcoDB a force of the new horizon for open science. EcoDB provides services for both individual researchers and scientific journals. Individuals can use this repository to store, manage and publish scientific data, get feedback from others on the data, and discover scientific data shared by others through this repository. Journals can use the repository to gather, manage and review the supporting data of submitted paper. At the same time, journals can timely publish these supporting data according to their own data policies.
EcoDB is based on the strong and stable infrastructure of NESDC. By using many technologies and means, like metadata, quality audit, data version management, DOI, sharing mode selection, it can ensure the long-term preservation, sustainable management and permanent access of data, while respecting the rights and intersts of data owners. EcoDB makes the published data discoverable, interpretable, quotable, reusable and evaluable, and promots the development of opening and sharing of scientific data in ecology and related fields.
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