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A: (1) Data submission: Users must register and log in EcoDB platform before submitting data. When you submit a dataset, you can choose whether or not to set a duration of protection for it. For the dataset without any duration of protection, it can be retrieved, downloaded and reused by other users once it passes the audit. For the dataset with a duration of protection, it cannot be downloaded and reused by other users unless the duration of protection expires.
(2) Data download: Any user, whether registered or anonymous, can download the published dataset on EcoDB website. However, when using the dataset on this site, users need to abide by the Terms of Service of EcoDB.
A: Users can modify the data before formally submitting it. And after submitted, the data can be modified if it fails to pass the audit. In other circumstances, the data will be in the cannot-be-modified status.
If the submitted data fail to pass the audit, the review opinions will be provided to the user via email. The user can modify the data according to the feedback and submit the modified data to EcoDB to replace its former version.
When the data is in the cannot-be-modified condition, the user can contact the administrator of EcoDB (nesdc@igsnrr.ac.cn) or the editorial department of the journal where the paper associated with the dataset is located to get the data modification authority.
A: It depends on whether the dataset has been published on EcoDB.
(1) If the dataset has not yet been published, the expert reviewer and the editorial department can get it via the private link(URL) of the dataset shared by the author.
(2) If the dataset has been published, the expert reviewer and the editorial department can get it via the DOI of the dataset.
A: The connection address, port number, password and corresponding configuration for uploading files via FTP are shown on the webpage when the option ‘FTP file upload’ is chosen by the user. The User can upload the data files according to the prompt. After the data files are uploaded through the FTP client (FileZilla, FlashFXP, etc.), the user needs to click the button ‘Save’ or ‘Submit’ to make the data files saved in EcoDB eventually.
A: The paper author can cite the dataset referring to the format of references. When the user browses the webpage displaying the dataset information, he/she can directly copy the citation information of the dataset and paste it in his/her paper. He/she can also download the citation files in BibTex and Refworks formats.
A: The Data Description Document includes the information to make the dataset better understood and used correctly. It is suggested that the data author submit a data description document including the following contents:
(1) Basic information of the dataset: It mainly includes the title, producer, spatial-temporal resolution and coverage, content summary and other information of the dataset.
(2) Description about data acquisition, processing method and quality control: Including the data collection and processing methods, the quality control measures or validation procedures, and other helpful information.
(3) Description about data files: If the dataset contains multiple data files, the data author should explain each file as necessary.
A: EcoDB provides statistics on the views and downloads for each dataset. But EcoDB does not track or provide any information about the users who browsed or downloaded it.